Towing Service: Knowing who to call!

Springfield Towing

Towing Springfield Ma follow a process that start at the dispatching center of the Service provider.  The dispatch center operator on duty communicates with their drivers via cellphone or radio or text message.  Most licensed Springfield Tow Service Providers have GPS and on board wireless equipment to dispatch drivers.  Often, dispatching networks of accredited service providers exist with the AAA (American Automobile Association), the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) or the BRAC (British Royal Automobile Club) who receive the call and then dispatch an accredited truck from a fleet of trucks on standby to the location of the accident or breakdown. These dispatch centers also follow up on behalf of the customer to make sure that everything is being handled well. They also receive complaints for damage and breakage.


Oftentimes, the tow company is also dispatched for illegally parked vehicles or for very unique situations such as pulling a tree stump off a road to keep traffic moving or to prevent accidents. Once dispatched, the tow truck brings the car to an impounding yard in case of illegal parking or to the service station nearest to the site of the accident. In some parts of Springfield, the government will have its own tow truck and impound lot and they wont need a contracted tow company.  In all cases, the accredited company works closely with Springfield’s traffic police since all mishaps are within the latter’s jurisdiction. Licensed Towing Springfield Ma companies will require a garage fee for vehicles that are parked in the company’s yard.

Knowing these will enable those who are in need of towing services to understand fully how the system works.

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